Marelli Bespoke

Unique. Exclusive.
One of a kind

Marelli Bespoke is our dream factory, dedicated to finding a way to say yes to almost any request. Imagination really can be the only limiting factor

The use of the modern materials combined with the craftsmanship tradition make the ideal mix to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic requirements and taste of private and contract projects of any size; being able to work any material with artisan wisdom, from woods and metals to fabrics and leathers, Marelli BESPOKE clears any limit in the manufacturing of custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and closet systems.

We provide a wide range of support services to our Clients to transform drawings into reality respecting all of the different requirements that any project imposes, from delivery schedules to manufacturing requirements.

Our structure allows us to support customers of the main countries with local operative and administrative services, offering locally a made in italy product with a lifetime after-sale service.